A little about myself and why I think I can help you pass your test and enjoy your time getting there.

Driving instructors are like people from all other professions, you

 get good ones and bad ones.

I am sure that we have all heard horror stories from friends and

relatives about how their next driving lesson has left them sick

 with nerves or that their instructor shouts at them when they don't

do it right first time. I had a friend whose instructor would smack

her hand if she went for the wrong gear.

The question is, 'why put up with that sort of treatment when you

don't have too?' 

As a qualified ADI (advanced driving instructor) I am trained to

give you the best chance of becoming a safe considerate driver and

 getting through the driving test with confidence.

By using flexible well tested lesson plans, I will teach you at a rate

that will suit your skill and ability to learn.

My teaching style is calm and friendly, I do not get flustered nor

will I ever shout or snap at you, no matter how long you need to

 master a driving skill.

I am able to quickly judge your ability and will not allow you to

confront a situation unless we both agree that you are ready.

I have taught many students of all ages, gender and abilities,

including those who have passed their test but need to freshen up.

Many of these people have gone on to be good friends or have

asked me to teach their friends and families also.